Business Workflow Management

Complex organizations deserve simple solutions

Make your workflow management processes more accessible to your entire team, from the field to the board of directors

As a company leader, you have several workflow management processes in place, but you would like to make them more accessible to your entire team, from the field to the board of directors. You have researched several business workflow management software options to assist your teams on the path to becoming be more efficient, but you keep running into the same issue: None are able to integrate your client-facing field teams into the process effectively.

Fluix Is a Mobile Workflow Management System

Investing in the Fluix system is an ideal way to show your field- and office-based teams you appreciate their work by helping them streamline workflow management processes. Our software can be set up on tablets for your field teams to use when they are out serving clients and can also be accessed online so upper-level management (including your board of directors) can benefit from standardized workflows.

Fluix Offers Customizable Workflow Management Solutions

We know that every organization is unique, and you need to be able to adjust your software program to fit your needs without hiring a new team member to do background coding to make the solution work. Fluix is lightweight and easy to customize to your specific needs, making it accessible to your entire team.

Fluix’s Business Workflow Management Software Is Comprehensive

We offer the following solutions to help your teams streamline processes, reduce the chances of human error and become more productive:

Fluix Meets Workflow Management Industry Standards

In addition to Fluix’s customizable solutions, which can help automate your business, its intuitive and accessible interface makes it easy for teams to operate. Your data will be safe and secure, and the system is GDPR-compliant and can provide you with the opportunity for real-time analysis of your systems to make improvements when necessary.

Everyone on your team will be able to take advantage of our business workflow management tools to shorten the time needed to complete routine tasks by automating tasks and reducing potential confusion over similar processes.

Multiple Industries Have Already Adopted Fluix

Because Fluix excels in going mobile and allowing field teams to be more efficient in managing workflows, it has an edge over its competitors in industries that rely on client-focused field teams. Companies that have already successfully incorporated this system are in industries as diverse as renewable energy, construction and engineering, oil and gas, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, utilities and HVAC, remodeling and renovation, transportation and railroads, and aviation and airlines.

Are You Ready To Learn More About Fluix’s Business Workflow Management Tools?

You can try Fluix and see for yourself with our free 14-day trial. Or, if you want to talk to a sales representative live to learn more, call +1 650 433 9008 (US) or +44 2392 16 2010 (Europe).